Collection: MAN FLU

The legendary Man Flu! The mythical ailment that transforms even the toughest of men into delicate, helpless creatures. Picture this: a man, lying on the couch, draped in a blanket, tissues strewn about like confetti, moaning dramatically as if he's auditioning for a Shakespearean tragedy. Cue the sympathetic eye-rolls and bemused chuckles!

You see, the Man Flu is no ordinary cold or flu. It's an affliction that strikes only the male species with unparalleled intensity. While women might carry on with their daily tasks despite a sniffle or a cough, the Man Flu renders us men incapable of even the most basic activities. Suddenly, the world stops, and we enter a realm of suffering only rivalled by epic tales of Greek mythology.

When stricken with the Man Flu, men require immediate attention and pampering. We become masters of the art of exaggeration, carefully honing our moans and sighs to elicit sympathy and extra servings of chicken soup. It's like an Oscar-worthy performance, with us men playing the lead role of the tragically afflicted hero, while everyone else plays the supporting cast, rolling their eyes but playing along with our melodrama.